Colors: Uncolor Everything, Invent New Colors

Color is everywhere; on us, near us, in us, around us. Color is instantly recognizable for children and every single adult and company in the world relies on colors for basically everything. Colors go by many different names. No two colors are alike.

Even one “red” could be a different “red” than even the same “red.” Screens produce different variants of the same color. If you printed out this post, the colors would appear to be different than they do on your screen which appears different on the laptop screen I wrote this post using.

Even when there’s no color, the absence of color, the combination of all colors, simulation of new colors, or colors produced from ideas.

Color moods, color psychology, the meaning of specific colors, the meaning of color itself. The importance and infinity of color is obvious and everywhere. Even in noncolors like ultraviolet, infrared, clear (see above images). Every color is my favorite color. Every combination of colors is my favorite color. 

Color itself is my favorite color even when it’s uncolored

LMAO Green #00FF21

Perfect Purple #5900FF

Special Red #F42C2C

Kazoo Blue #1400FF

Yellow Noon #FDFF00

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