Eight: Tyler Loves Dirty Projectors

I discovered Dirty Projectors in 2012 through their Swing Lo Magellan and specifically the songs “Offspring Are Blank” and “Dance for You”

I still vividly recall dancing and singing along to this album during a summer I spent living at a friend’s place near the campus of the college we attended. It was the perfect meeting of music, life, love, and other special feelings

“Offspring Are Blank” has a few movements within the song and the switch between electric guitars to acoustic guitars for

He was made to love her
She was made to love him
And their offspring loved them

hits sooooooo nicely. Even relistening to it now, I get a special feeling

Their genre descriptions include art pop, brooklyn indie, experimental pop, freak folk, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock which tells part of the story but doesn’t accurately convey how dynamic, eclectic, and special feeling this band is

The claps. The singing. The lyrics. I feel like David was channeling Brian Wilson and life itself with

There is an answer
I have not found it 
But I will keep dancing
Til I dooooooo-oooo-ooo

Try to listen to this track without dancing to it either physically or mentally. You can’t. It’s impossible. The special feelings are strong with Dirty Projectors

I can’t use words or visuals to share this special feeling but I can identify it and help share it with others. Below is a playlist of the songs I’ve saved from the Dirty Projectors discography. Give it a chance if you are in the market for some new special feelings

My recommendation is to start with songs from Swing Lo Magellan or Bitte Orca but really you can’t go wrong starting anywhere and listening in any order that your instincts tell you to follow

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