Fiasco Let me put you on gameDon’t you know that I run this placeAnd I’ve begun this raceMust I rerun this paceI’m the reason it’s become this wayAnd their love for it is the reason I have become this praised noun: fiasco; plural noun: fiascosa thing that is a complete failure, especially in a ludicrous…… Continue reading Fiasco

Four: Earworms Playlist

My one very good friend is a walking, talking, living, breathing, singing resource for musical knowledge of every type. From the technicals to the feelings, he is an absolute expert in music in every sense of the word. Let us first consider the Earworm, a very real phenomenon which you are undoubtedly already familiar with…… Continue reading Four: Earworms Playlist

Two: Inconspicuous Whistling

Ty: can you send me why you love whistling…like a who what when where why how about whistling…as you see it? i need it for Essay Two on my new Special Feelings blog lol Better: It’s fun to whistle when you’re wandering around the apartment doing chores because it makes you sound comically sinister. Very…… Continue reading Two: Inconspicuous Whistling