Two: Inconspicuous Whistling

Ty: can you send me why you love whistling…like a who what when where why how about whistling…as you see it? i need it for Essay Two on my new Special Feelings blog lol

Better: It’s fun to whistle when you’re wandering around the apartment doing chores because it makes you sound comically sinister. Very inconspicuous. I usually whistle the “not doing anything wrong” tune

Ty: ???

Better: I whistle at work so people can be like “oh she’s definitely not stealing anything here”


Better: Gotta keep my enemies guessing

Ty: wow i love you so much…everything you say do and feel further confirms and strengthens it

Better: I love youuuuu…Conspicuously…sameeeeee…Don’t need to whistle my intentions

A Playlist of Whistling on Spotify

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